Children are the future users, leaders and residents of our city

Listening to children's views and understanding their ideas is essential to our planning and decision-making at Regenerate Christchurch.

Children from five schools, as well as a scout troop and Children’s Day participants were asked what they need from a ‘future’ Christchurch. Over 1000 ideas generated the following themes:

Connecting with nature - having a green space to walk, picnic or camp, with pristine waterways, trees attracting native birds, and orchards and vegetables gardens to harvest. (26%).

Caring for myself and others - the need to feel safe and loved, and to ensure vulnerable people and animals have a place to stay and be cared for (14%).

Fun with water - the red zone must have a way to enjoy water – be it pools, a water park, wave pools, kayaking or water slides (13%).

Fun on the land: So much to do!

  • Treehouses galore please and other areas to play such as flip-outs, zip lines and the trusty swings and slides (12%).
  • Skate parks are a big hit as are bike tracks, obstacle courses and dog and horse parks  (11%).
  • Don’t forget theme parks like carnivals, chocolate factories, zoos and room for technology like free Wi-Fi and computer stations (8%).
  • Places for team sports such as rugby, cricket, and football were also mentioned (3%).

Connecting with others - a place to meet, enjoy good food and shopping, go to movies, listen to live music and do and see creative things with family and friends (9%).

Learning and earning - where anything can happen and be realised; exciting job opportunities like sustainable technology, factories, a hospital or an airport; or learning opportunities such as universities, medical school, libraries, schools and art and music facilities (6%).

Kids' ideas for the red zone