The voice of young people aged 15 - 24

We surveyed young people aged 15-24 to ask what needs does Christchurch have that could be met by the Ōtākaro Avon River Corridor.

Young people want boldness, innovation and forward thinking in regeneration planning. They want opportunities to contribute their ideas and perspectives.

These main themes emerged

Technology and sustainability - young people say the community needs buildings, land and infrastructure that are designed for future use, can respond to the challenges of climate change and are resilient to natural hazards (74% compared with 48%).

“We need to be looking ahead at least 50 years and preparing now for oceans rising."

Housing - young people want quality and energy efficient homes. Houses need to be affordable so they can be home owners one day. (54% compared with 33% of other survey respondents)

“The gap between wages and the cost of a house is a massive hurdle that people of my generation have to face.”

Better employment opportunities (34 % compared with 23%) and quality education (33 % compared with 24%) and  to ensure their future is bright and prosperous.

“If there was some way to give the younger generation more opportunities we would be looking to a future with a better quality of life than what we're looking at now.”

Transit - getting around easily and sustainably is important. Youth prioritise biking, walking and running tracks (31% compared with 23%).

“People should start exercising more for their own health as well as the environment. We are using up too much fossil fuels which are ruining the environment. We should start making more journeys by foot and bicycles until we come up with a better system.”

Cultural and ethnic diversity is really important to young people (26% compared with 14%). Regeneration planning that honours Christchurch’s heritage and celebrates all cultures with creativity is critical.

“More inclusion of other cultures, e.g. native art, building and landscape designs that aren't commonly seen in Kiwi culture and a greater source of history into Christchurch's roots and where we come from.”