47% identified that the regenerated areas should be a good place to work, visit, invest and do business.

about 3 years ago

Essential priorities:

  • Developments respond to the future challenges and opportunities of climate change (eg. protecting against rising sea levels, erosion and flooding) - 48% said this is essential.
  • Access to high quality education and training opportunities - 24% said this is essential.
  • Developments are designed for future use (eg. energy efficient, new technologies) - 20% said this is essential.
  • Improved employment opportunities, especially for young people - 23% said this is essential.
  • Development attracts the types of visitors and tourism that will help the region prosper - 20% said this is essential.
  • Development encourages economic growth through new businesses and investment - 12% said this is essential.
  • Investor certainty ad confidence are achieved through the removal of barriers to business (eg. infrastructure, broadband) - 11% said this is essential.
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